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Baby Joshua's At-Home Six Month Photography Session


Baby Joshua just turned six months old and we got to celebrate it with a quiet at-home photography session. I love shooting babies that are this age at home because I find it to be the most comfortable environment for them. It is familiar and relaxing.  It is a place where I can get the most giggles and smiles.

About the Session

This session was a huge success. Baby Joshua was so happy and interactive. He was sitting on his own and just enjoying himself the entire time.  His parents are so in love with him. I got to photograph many tender kisses, smiles and tight squeezes.  I had a wonderful time during this session and I feel privileged to have met and photographed this family.

baby sitting in a grey chair
smiling six month old boy
baby in the crib with mobile
six month old baby boy sitting on the bed
close up portrait of a baby boy
happy baby boy
father and baby portrait
mother and baby
father and baby boy playing together
baby smiling in the crib
happy baby in mother's arms
parents baby and dog
baby cuddles with mommy
baby sitting in a grey chair