Baby Harry's At - Home Photography Session


How sweet is this little boy.  I enjoyed photographing him and his parents at their lovely home.  This happens to be my neck of the woods and it was so great to do the eight minute walk over to their building.  Baby Harry is a cutie. His clear blue eyes, huge smile and playful nature won me over. I enjoyed every minute of this photo session.  We had a first during this session too, while sitting baby Harry managed to put his footsies into his mouth. What a discovery!!!

About the Session

This was baby Harry's first professional shoot and I must say it could not have gone any better. We chose to do it inside because it's January and it is so cold outside. Also, I prefer for this age (5 months) to stay inside.  I find that most babies feel very comfortable at home and it's usually where I get the most smiles. At home is also where I capture the most intimate and real interaction between baby and parents.  Within an hour or so, we got so many beautiful images. It was hard to narrow down and pick out these highlights.

Favorite Photo

My favorite image from this session is the one I took candidly of the family in the bathroom (the last one down). The shadows and light worked just perfectly and it all came together in one click. I also caught their reflection in the mirror. This is what we photographers refer to as the decisive moment.  The image is beautiful and real.

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