Walnut Creek Family Session | Roth Family

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About the Family

The Roths' are definitely one of my favorites and also very special to me.  I've photographed them since little Emma was only six months old. She's grown into a beautiful, fun, and happy little girl! I have enjoyed watching little Emma grow to be such a sweet little girl and now I got to see her in a new role as big sister.  She was so loving and gentle towards her baby brother.  During our last session together baby Liam was still in his mommy's belly.  He is now 7 months old and he is super adorable.  His cheeks are like fluffy clouds and his big smile had me grinning the entire time. Both Liam and Emma are so much fun to be around. I'm so glad to have the opportunity to photograph such amazing kids! I look forward to seeing Emma as a big sister to baby Liam and seeing both of them grow, along with Mom and Dad. 

About the Session

For this session, we chose to start at the family's home and then walk over to the neighborhood park. Sometimes keeping it close and within familiarity helps create very intimate and personal moments. Everyone felt very comfortable throughout the entire session, which is very important to me. As a family photographer, to create beautiful moments we need to create comfort, as well. When we have a relaxed, comfortable, and familiar environment, we not only have fun; we get beautiful results like with the Roths'.  We spent about three hours together filled with fun. Mom, Dad, Emma, and Liam photographed beautifully and were having so much fun. I was completely unaware of time flying by and truly enjoyed every minute of this session. We had the best time creating memories that the Roths' will enjoy for years to come.



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