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The Agustin Family. Moraga. Family Photography

It is hard to find beautiful fall colors in the Bay area especially after 4 years of drought but Moraga Commons park has it. It was such a beautiful day and I was happy to photograph this family. Their daughter goes to same preschool class as my son and I photographed them two years prior. Leah is such a happy and beautiful little girl and she has brother/sister on the way. Enjoy!!! moraga-family-photography-3moraga-family-photography-5moraga-family-photography-8moraga-family-photography-2moraga-family-photography-4moraga-family-photography-6moraga-family-photography-7moraga-family-photography-9moraga-family-photography-10moraga-family-photography-11moraga-family-photography-12moraga-family-photography-14moraga-family-photography-15moraga-family-photography-16moraga-family-photography-17moraga-family-photography-19