Quick and easy way to taking better portraits


There were quite a few people who asked me in the past if I can help them with their DSLR camera and who expressed the desire to learn more. It's kind of a tricky situation for a photographer like me, because I am not always as good in gauging exactly how much the other person is interested in knowing or how much he/she knows already. There is so much information and little time, where to begin and where to end.

That is exactly why I decided to point out a few bascis which will be quick and easy. Trust me, anyone can do it and it can really improve your photography.
In this Lesson, you will learn how to take better portraits. I don't consider myself an expert by any means, I just want to help by providing simple advice.
-----Turn your mode dial (usually located on top left of your DSLR) and turn it to the letter A. Letter A represents Aperture Priority. Once you are on letter A in your mode dial setting the camera will allow you to set your Aperture manually. So now, (usually on the right side) is a knob which you can turn in order to adjust aperture settings. Without going into detail, aperture should be as low as it can go (3.5 in most cameras). Once this is set, turn to your subject and shoot. Don't be afraid to get closer. Closer to your subject you are (greater magnification) narrower the depth of field. Shallow depth of field is what photographers strive for when taking portraits. You want the background to be blurry and the subject very sharp. By separating your subject from background you will achieve a more appealing and artistic portrait. For a better composition try not to put your subject into the center (see what looks best).
*Note: ISO should be set in advance and according to the light you are working with. If you are shooting outside during a bright day set your ISO to 100. If it's later in the day or cloudy, 200 and increase it as its getting darker. Be careful, higher the ISO, you will get more noise in your image. Also, make sure FOCUS is not on manual.
Thanks for reading and let me know how it goes.