10 Easy Ways to Get the Most out of the Wedding Portrait Shoot


Portraying romance into timeless images is not as easy as it seems for a newlywed couple.  It's usually a brand new and completely unfamiliar experience for both people involved. It certainly doesn't help that there is a time limit and that there is an unknown person/photographer holding a  camera directing them what to do.
Romantic image is idealized and to be achieved requires a small amount of effort. I put together a list of 10 different tips which while quite simple can make all the difference when trying to translate romance through the lens of the camera.

Here you go:

1.  The key to a romantic image vs. a standard portrait is that there is no interaction between the subject and photographer.  As soon as the subject looks at the camera, the feeling of intimacy and romance disappears.
2.  Timing is quite important when creating a romantic feel. The absolute best time for a romantic photo shoot is the hour before the sunset and about 15-20 minutes after the sun is down, also known as the Golden Hour.
3.  Location is quite important as well.  The location needs to have an intimate feeling without too many distractions.  For example, beach is an amazing spot but can be quite challenging especially when there is a lot of people around.
4. Closing the eyes can create a relaxed, dreamy look.
5.  A woman gazing down or off to the side while the man directs his gaze towards the woman is another posing option which has a beautiful effect.
6.  Hands need to be in a relaxed position. Clinched fists for example can have quite a negative effect.
7. When kissing, try not to smash faces together. Take it slow and hold about an inch before lips make contact.  Don't pucker lips and relax your face.
8. Look at your partner straight on without tilting your head too much to the side when kissing.
9. Being playful and natural is encouraged, but just keep in mind romantic images tend to be of more serious nature.
10. Holding hands while walking toward the photographer and away can create quite a natural and romantic feel.  While walking lean in for a kiss without completely stopping.

These tips are easy and simple and can make all the difference.

Thanks for reading.